The Video Clips Stop or "Freeze" 


You start playing a video and at some point, the video will stop playing or appear to "freeze".


This happens when the speed of your internet connection can't download the video fast enough. This can even happen on high-speed internet connections. The thing to do if this happens is to hit "pause" in the video player and wait a few minutes to give the video some time to load.
Figure 1: Video is playing and fully loaded (no problem)
Figure 2: Video is playing but the secondary faded red bar indicates the video is not fully loaded (no problem).
Figure 3: The video is playing and has caught up to where the video is loaded (problem, hit pause and wait for a few moments).


Press the pause button and wait for a few moments. Then hit play again. If it happens again, you may have to hit pause and wait for quite a few minutes.
If you're on a work internet connection that has lots of users. Try watching the videos at non-peak times of the day.


If you connect to work through a VPN (Citrix, DTS), your connection may be too slow. Instead, try accessing the training directly through the URL provided in your web browser.