Task Completion 

The San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (ICS) Program recognizes that, as with any education program, full participation is required to be eligible for a certificate. The new timed feature on the training platform is designed to ensure that every participant is able to fully participate. We know that this new system may not seem conducive to learning for some participants.

Depending on the task type, the platform performs in a number of ways. For example, if the task has a video, the platform will monitor for activity. If the video is playing and then the participant switches to a new window/tab, the platform will stop the timer. When the participant returns to the task and tries to move forward, the platform will show the message that sufficient time has not lapsed.

It is best to actively stay on the task and complete it in full. This new feature does not lend itself to multi-tasking by the participant.

Please connect ICS@phsa.ca if you have additional questions.