I Can’t Receive E-mails From San’yas 

While San'yas maintains a very high e-mail deliverability at over 99%, there may be problems outside of our control when e-mails do not get through. The 99% deliverability does not necessarily mean that you have received the e-mail and opened it, however. Below are some things that you, or your IT department, can do to ensure the e-mails we deliver get received by you.



You are not receiving important e-mails from San'yas for things like resetting your password, important notifications, or messages from your facilitator.


  1. Ensure that the e-mail you registered with is the one you want to check on a regular basis for receiving e-mails from the training platform.
  2. We send all e-mails from "ics@sanyas.ca" so you could add that as a safe sender in your e-mail client.
  3. Check your spam folder.
  4. If you run antivirus or antispam software on your computer, check its settings and allow e-mails from @sanyas.ca to come through.
  5. It's possible that our e-mail was flagged as spam before it hits your personal spam filter.
    • Contact your IT department to see if they are have registered any blocked e-mails in their system and have the e-mails allowed.
    • Contact your IT department and let them know to add our e-mail server IP addresses to their whitelist. Send them a link to this support page or the message in the green box, below. 
NOTE FOR IT DEPARTMENTS: Please safelist our e-mail server IP addresses, this will ensure that the e-mails we send make it through. The 3 IPs that we send e-mails from are as follows:

We maintain over 99% e-mail deliverability across our servers and we ensure that our IP addresses are not blocked on any anti-spam server. Additionally, we use best practices in e-mail sending with DKIM records.