I Can See The Videos But Can't Hear Them 


You click play on the video, the video starts playing however you don't hear any sound (or the sound is quiet).



This can possibly be for a few reasons:
  1. Check that your computer has a sound card. Some older model computers do not have sound cards — in this case, you will need to view the videos from a computer that does have a sound card.
  2. You do not have any speakers attached to your computer and the volume is not turned up.
  3. There may be a volume setting in your computer software that is turned down.
  4. There is a volume setting in the video player itself that is turned down. Please see the following image for the location of this volume control.

Adjusting Volume Levels in Video Player:


The developers acknowledge that not all users will be able to achieve a reasonable level of sound while playing the videos. If you are having problems with hearing the videos, please ask a technical person to help you set up your sound properly. Most organizations have a designated IT person that you can contact. ICC facilitators cannot provide technical support to help you set up your computer's sound.