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What is Indigenous Cultural Safety?

Indigenous Cultural Safety means working in ways that are more fair for Indigenous people, and free from discrimination. To do this we must consider colonial history and show respect for Indigenous culture, identity, and rights. Indigenous cultural safety is an outcome based on respectful engagement; it is when Indigenous people feel safer in relationships and when receiving services. 

What is anti-Indigenous racism?

Anti-Indigenous racism encompasses the images, beliefs, attitudes, and actions that disadvantage Indigenous people. In Canada, colonialism is the foundation on which anti-Indigenous racism is built. Anti-Indigenous racism can be expressed at the interpersonal level through stereotypes, prejudice and discriminatory behaviour and the systemic level through policies, practices, and legislation.

What services does San’yas offer?

San’yas offers online training courses for people working in any sector across Canada, as well as consultation services to support organizational and systems change.


Online Training FAQ 

What is Anti-racist Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (ICS)?

Anti-racist Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (ICS) is an educational intervention that aims to strengthen the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills of participants so they can work more safely and effectively with Indigenous peoples. ICS is a critically important first step on the lifelong journey to cultural safety. In training individuals and organizations, we work to promote the broader goal of ensuring Indigenous people have access to services that are culturally safe and free from harm, discrimination, and anti-Indigenous racism. 

What can I expect to get out of San’yas training? How does it relate to my work?

The San’yas curriculum and facilitated learning activities have been carefully designed to help strengthen your knowledge, self-awareness, and skills so you can work more safely and effectively with Indigenous people. In ICS, you will have the opportunity to explore, discuss, and ask questions about cultural safety and anti-Indigenous racism. 

Who can register for San’yas training?

Anyone 14 years of age and older can register for a Core San’yas training. Our courses focus on Indigenous cultural safety in a Canadian context, and most of our participants are located in Canada.

Which course is right for me?

We offer two types of training: Core Training and Advanced Training.

Core Training includes courses that cover foundational topics about Indigenous cultural safety and anti-Indigenous racism. Some of our Core Trainings have been designed for people working in specific sectors (e.g., health, mental health, child welfare, and justice) and specific provinces (i.e., Ontario, British Columbia, or Manitoba). Note: You do not need to live in one of these provinces to register for province-specific training. We also offer Core Training that is designed for a more general audience. Learn more about our Core Training.


Advanced Training is offered nationally and explores topics introduced in the Core Training in more depth. Participants must complete a Core Training before they can register in an Advanced Training. Learn more about our Advanced Training.


If you self-identify as Indigenous, you can choose to enroll in Indigenous-only groups, or in mixed Indigenous and settler groups. Learn more about our options for Indigenous participants.

I am in one province (e.g., New Brunswick), but the course I want to take has been tailored to another province (e.g., British Columbia). Can I still enroll in the course?

Yes. Although some of our courses are tailored to specific provinces, anyone can enroll in them. Our registration team will ensure that you are enrolled in the course that is right for you. We recommend that you select the province or territory that is nearest to you, or most relevant to your work and workplace. 

Do you offer any courses in French?

Yes. If you are interested in French language training, San’yas offers bilingual French/English courses in the Ontario context based on demand. Please email for more information about registration. At this time, Ontario is the only province that offers courses in French. Learn more about our Ontario courses here.

How is the training set up? What is required and how long does it take to complete?

Each San’yas course is offered in an online, facilitated, and self-paced format. All aspects of the course are delivered on our online platform. Teams of San’yas facilitators guide and support participants through the course.


Our Core Training courses last 8 weeks and take approximately 8-10 hours to complete. Participants work through the material and actively participate in the interactive activities at their own pace over this 8-week period. There is no need to be logged in at any specific time or date as long as you complete by the course close date at 7:30 PM EST. Participants are expected to interact with San’yas facilitators and other participants on the discussion boards for the entire 8-week period, even after finishing the course material. Participants will receive notifications from the online platform to remind them about ongoing participation on the boards.


We strongly recommend not working through all of the material in one sitting. There is often a lot of new information and breaks are needed to integrate the learning. Many people find that they are able to complete the course and participate fully in the discussions by setting aside about 1 hour a week for the 8-week course duration.


Once registered, participants will receive a registration confirmation email, which will have a link to create a password for your course. Participants will then receive a welcome package on the Friday before the course starts at 3:30 PM EST with additional information for logging in on or after the start date.

Do I receive a certificate after completing the training?

Yes. A certificate of completion will be available for download from the online platform one week after the training ends.

Are any of the courses accredited?

Yes, these courses are accredited.  Please see individual course descriptions for more information about their credit eligibility.

How much does the training cost?

San’yas courses cost $300 per training seat in most regions.  Your organization or workplace may have already purchased a seat in this training for you. You can also pay out-of-pocket or be eligible for funding alternatives. For more information, email

How can I register for the training?

Visit our Registration page for more information.

Where can I get registration and technical support?

If you require additional support, please contact


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