San’yas Ontario training for the health sector began in 2013 when the Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC) established a close working relationship with San’yas in British Columbia. Through collaboration with Indigenous health leaders and educators they developed the Ontario curriculum. The first course, Ontario Core Health, was launched in 2014. Similarly, San’yas was invited to partner with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and a provincial Indigenous advisory circle to develop training for the Ontario Public Service in 2016. Today, we offer several core courses, which are all self-paced and facilitated. Each course has been specifically designed for Ontario learners. Updates and improvements are made in an ongoing way in response to current events and feedback from participants and facilitators. A full curriculum refresh is done in collaboration with regional Indigenous advisors every two years. Courses are available in both English and French. Curriculum for additional courses is under development.


You do not need to live in Ontario to register for a province-specific course. Our registration team will help you choose the course that is right for you. We usually recommend that people choose the province that is nearest to them. Contact leresha.lickers@phsa.ca for more information.

Key Course Goals

The curriculum and learning activities have been designed to help participants:

  • Strengthen their knowledge, awareness, and skills for working with and providing service to Indigenous people and communities
  • Work more safely and effectively with Indigenous people
  • Begin considering their role in correcting, rebuilding and transforming systems to uproot Indigenous-specific racism