BC | Core ICS Justice

What are some of the topics that are covered in this course?
  • Colonization in Canada
  • Racism, discrimination, and stereotyping, and their impacts on Indigenous peoples in the context of the justice system
  • Inequities experienced by Indigenous people across the justice continuum
  • Ways that Indigenous people experience marginalization and violence
  • Taking action: Enhancing Indigenous Cultural Safety in the justice system
Who should take this course?

Anyone who works in the justice system. This includes:

  • Police
  • Lawyers
  • And staff who work in law clinics, court houses, sheriff’s office, judiciary, and correctional facilities

This course is introductory and meant to supplement Nation- and region-specific training provided by Regional Health Authorities and/or Indigenous communities.

Anyone who works in the justice sector can take Core Justice. There are no prerequisites.


How much does this course cost?

Core Justice costs $300 per training seat in most regions. Your organization or workplace may have already purchased a seat in this training for you. If not, you can pay for the training seat yourself. For more information, email ics@phsa.ca. 

How do I register?

Please visit our Registration page for more information.