BC | Core ICS Foundations

What are some of the topics that are covered in this course?
  • Colonization in Canada
  • Racism, discrimination, and stereotyping, and their impacts on Indigenous peoples in different contexts
  • Taking action to strengthen Indigenous Cultural Safety in relationships, practices, and services
Who should take this course?

Indigenous people experience racism across all sectors of mainstream Canadian society.

This course is designed for anyone who intends to enhance Indigenous Cultural Safety in their work and workplace. It is meant for people who work outside health care, justice, and child welfare. This includes people who work in education, business, government, finance, not-for-profits, research, or any other field. Anyone can take Core ICS Foundations. There are no prerequisites.

How much does this course cost?

Core ICS Foundations is $300 per training seat.

How do I register?

Please visit our Registration page for more information.