In our Core Training courses, participants are introduced to key aspects of cultural safety and addressing anti-Indigenous racism. All of our courses are self-paced and facilitated. Course topics include:


  • Colonization in Canada
  • Racism, discrimination, stereotyping, and their impacts on Indigenous people
  • Taking action to strengthen Indigenous Cultural Safety in relationships, practices, and services

Key Course Goals

The curriculum and learning activities have been designed to help participants: 

  • Strengthen their knowledge, awareness, and skills for working with and providing service to Indigenous people and communities 
  • Work more safely and effectively with Indigenous people
  • Begin considering their role in correcting, rebuilding and transforming systems to uproot Indigenous-specific racism 

Four of these courses are sector-specific and have been designed for people who work in societal systems. These include health care, mental health, justice, and child welfare (i.e., Core Health, Core Mental Health, Core Justice, and Core Child Welfare). The Core Foundations Course is suitable for people in any workplace.